Friday, November 2, 2012

Presidential Poise

When Sidra Bonner ’08 introduced the President of the United States recently I was immediately reminded of her announcements at Kent Denver when she was the all school co-president. We take leadership very seriously at Kent Denver. Our goal is to make sure that every student has leadership roles and leadership practice every year. We believe that effective leadership boils down to bringing out the very best in others - the best work, the best thinking, and the best self. Sidra spoke with clarity, compassion, and conviction about the many opportunities her education has made possible. It was clear to everyone in the crowd and those watching the TV broadcast that leadership includes personal achievement, personal responsibility, and maintaining a heartfelt interest in the welfare of others. Sidra spoke to how strong communities make for a strong society. In some schools leadership is a popularity contest; at Kent Denver it is about making a difference. Having something meaningful to say, and the confidence and skills to say it persuasively, is our goal for every Kent Denver graduate.

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